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the simple and affordable pre-recorded webcast solution

The first webcast platform you can use on your own domain, customize, and rebrand

Pre-recorded webcasts and online tutorials look better and are the best solution for leveraging your time. Instead of paying upwards of $150 per month for a branded system with unnecessary features, our webcast solution allows you to brand your presentations with streaming video along with slides and captions. Wow your leads and customers with polished presentations and lose the technical hassle.

webcast system features:

Your Webcast:
Your Brand · Your Domain

No ugly watermarks
It's just about you!

Our platform gives you the freedom and premium corporate image without embarrassing watermarks, sending people to an address with another domain name, or anything that makes your company seem third-rate.

You have control over layout, color scheme, dimensions and more!

All the presentations
You can produce

All the attendees
You can bring!

Unlimited Webcasts and Attendees with a Single Subscription

Since you use your own domain, you don't have to pick and choose how many webcasts remain available! Just produce your presentations and start promoting!
You can also invite as many people to view them as your server can handle!
Both open and password-protected webcast presentations are possible!
You can even choose between unique or group passwords, integrate with your shopping cart, and limit the views!


All browsers and devices!

Works on every current browser, OS, and device!

Our webcast system works using the JQUERY cross-platform language, which is developed in part by Google, and that allows your webcasts to be viewed by everyone regardless if it's a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device!
While you can use Flash videos and content if you choose, our webcasts are Flash-free by default which allows all Apple, iPad, and iPhone users to seamlessly view!

Our Comprehensive
Setup Guide

Get running quickly, or learn to go beyond the typical features

All you need to make your top-notch webcasts!
Separated into three sections (Basic, Tinkerer, Pro), this guide shows you how to take your prepared presentation and get it online.
It also details how you can do fancy effects like switch the video to fullscreen at certain timeranges in the video and more!

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services for your webcasts

Billed at hourly rate unless stated below. Click here to add hourly credit.

full webcast coordination
the do-it-for-me option

Template Branding and Design

Proofread and Edited Transcript and Webcast Captions

Coordinator Ensures Product Free of Technical Glitches

Timecoded Transcript for Webcast Synched Captions

Advanced Time-Triggered Effects and Transitions

Trimmed and Edited Video with Mastered Audio

Professionally developed custom branding and designs

Integration with your Shopping Cart or PayPal

Automated Login and Password Protection and Generation

Webcast and Webinar production and management

individual services

assisted recording

Professional Sound and Video Quality Check

Compatible File Types for FAST Streaming

No Expensive Software to Learn or Buy

As Simple as Making a Phone Call

Capture Audio, Video AND Screen Sharing

Choice of monitored or unmonitored recording (monitoring fee applies)

Streaming Compatible Video Conversion

Costs as little as $20 per recording!

template design

Don't pay a webdesigner to learn; Get the pros!

We set your colors, proportions, and create graphics too!

automated transcript

Voice-Recognition Training and Automated Transcription

Costs as little as $15 per webcast!

editing and proofing services

Trimming and converting video, inserting clips, remastering audio

Proofreading of transcripts

Timecoding compatible captions (in video and caption frame formats)

voice talent

Available for introductions or full webcasts!

Choose from any of our voice actors; male or female!

assets and services to run your webcast business

FREE WEBCAST - what you need for webcasts

online IT assets

get SSL encryption
get a new domain
get dedicated webcast hosting
get webcast hosting

premium webcast success tutorials

Coming End of 2013!
protect your webcasts webmasterclass
amateur vs professional webcasts
how good is good enough?
how to promote webcasts

e-commerce financial services

shopping cart platform
payment gateway to accept credit cards
automated billing system
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